Live Demo


Our live demo application covers the sea area around Denmark, and provides ship detection, type classification, and length estimation. Ships are classified in one of five (5) classes, namely cargo, tanker, passenger, fishing, and other. A single-click on a detected ship brings up an information tab related to the selected vessel. Each ship type is depicted with a different shape:




The demo is automatically updated so as to include the two (2) latest Sentinel-1 products available for the area of interest. The specific area was chosen for our prototype due to the availability of AIS data courtesy of the Danish Maritime Authority.


Click here to access the LIVE Denmark demo

(no ground truth)


The live demo above does not currently provide the AIS ground truth. In order to demonstrate the performance of our prototype, we have a separate, static demo with three (3) Sentinel-1 products, in which the ground truth, as provided by AIS, is also included, thus one can get a feeling about the reliability of our estimations by comparing them to the ground truth.


Depending on whether the ships detected by our system are matched by respective entries in the AIS data, the rectangles drawn around the detected vessels in the static demo have three different colors:


  • Green: Matched (M) detection – ship was detected in both the satellite and AIS data, and the information tab provides both the estimations from our AI models and the AIS ground truth.
  • Red: Dark (D) ship, detected by our AI models on the satellite image without a corresponding entry in the AIS data; this can be either because the said ship is not transmitting AIS data, or because it is out of range for the Danish ground AIS receivers. For such ships, the information tab contains only the parameter estimations from our AI models, since the ground truth is unavailable.
  • Yellow: Ship that transmits AIS data but is undetected (U) by our AI models; these are mostly (but not only) small vessels with length well below the resolution limit of the Sentinel-1 imaging products (20m). Apart from cases where our system possibly fails to detect vessels of sufficient size that are indeed there, such AIS-only detections may represent cases of AIS spoofing.


Matched (M)Dark (D)Undetected (U)


Click here to access the STATIC Denmark demo

(with the ground truth provided)


These demos are intended only as technology evaluation snapshots; the underlying AI models and the whole process are still continuously tweaked and improved upon.


We plan to gradually extend the demos above, like replacing the static demo with a semi-live one (2-3 days delay), and providing also the resulting KML files for importing in any GIS system of choice. Stay tuned…