ESA Earth Observation Φ-Week 2018


ESA Earth Observation Φ-Week 2018

We had a very inspiring and productive time in the ESA EO Φ-week in Rome (Nov 12-16, 2018).


Conversations about AI were everywhere (and we mean, everywhere): there is even a new acronym in town, AI4EO, and a recent (July 2018) recommendations document by ESA, Towards a European Artificial intelligence for Earth Observation (AI4EO) R&I Agenda. Some people that were key in drafting that document were present, eager to discuss with us participants and receive feedback and ideas.


Another interesting piece of information was the existence of not only one, but two Frontier Development Labs (FDL), dedicated to “AI research for space exploration and all humankind“; the original one is in the US sponsored by NASA, but there is now also a European one sponsored by ESA.


Last but not least, it was a great chance to meet people from the FabSpace Labs all around Europe:

FabSpace Labs members at ESA EO Φ-Week 2018